Monday, March 16, 2020

Secure your E-Commerce Business with Double-Blind Shipping

When it comes to run an E-commerce business, it is important to have a huge customer influx that helps to grow your business at faster pace. It’s not only you that makes your business more successful, it’s the contribution of suppliers from where you buy products for your customers. But what if suppliers associated with you start dealing directly with your customers. This can ruin your business and lead to decrease your customers. This is the point, where Double Blind Shipping comes for the rescue.
Blind Drop Ship
With double-blind shipping, your customers will never know the difference they are purchasing directly from manufacturers or you. This kind of blind shipping enables you to feel relaxed that your suppliers not contacting your customers directly through the information you provide. To know more about double blind shipping refer the below given information. 

What is Double-Blind Shipping?

Double-Blind shipping is the process used in e-commerce businesses to deliver the products, where both customers and suppliers are not aware of each other actual addresses and information.

How Double-Blind Shipping is carried out?

Steps followed in the process of double-blind shipment are as follows:

  • The first thing you need is to contact freight broker that helps in blind drop ship of your products to the customers.
  • Broker sets two bills of lading one on the behalf of the consignee and other on the behalf of the customer. This BOL (bill of lading) includes the false address and price of the product which the broker specifies to both supplier and consignee.
  • After that broker will ask the supplier to fulfill the requirements of the consignee and will send them specifications along with the first BOL (bill of lading). In this BOL shipper address is changed and information is falsified to keep shipper information private. 
  • After picking the order from the supplier, it is packed again with the price charged by the broker. During this step, the second bill of lading is used in which the consignee address is falsified to keep the consignee information private. 
  • The freight broker will only have the correct address and information of both the customer and the supplier which is used by him for billing purposes.

Double-Blind Shipping is the best tool for the drop shippers as this let them to grow in their E-commerce business. If you are looking for a trustable blind shipping service provider for your business, then you can visit Ship Customer Direct which provides you with blind shipping, double-blind shipping services that work best for your business. With their Blind Drop Ship services, they allow you to expand your business in the best way. To know more about their services in detail refer to their website.

The first thing you need is to contact freight broker that helps in blind drop ship of your products to the customers.